Hong Tat Foods & Trading Company Limited was founded in 1991, with its headquarters located in the Hong Kong SAR. As a leading food trading company, we are committed to securing access to under-utilized and abundant ocean resources to meet the growing demand of the world’s food supply. We offer a range of quality products from frozen seafood to frozen meat from sustainable and responsible sources in East Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and other places.

Business Units

In order to address the needs of our customers, our partner companies provide a range of different products and services:

Raw Material Sourcing and Trading Service

Specialized in global food trading, our products range from frozen seafood to meats. Our sincere efforts in the global marketing of high quality seafood have always brought us enormous appreciation from customer all over the world.

Food Processing

Specially planned land-based processing facilities in West Africa and in South Asia constitute a global processing network which allows for a multi-directional flow of raw materials to various processing stations for different levels of fine-processing to meet the requirements of the market and of customers from around the world.

Food Wholesale

Established in 1999, our wholesale division has achieved a leading position in the frozen food supply industry in the domestic distribution market. The management and expert sales team ensures our seafood, global selected frozen meat are of the highest quality at a competitive prices and leads to the best service for our customers.