Hong Tat Foods & Trading Co. Ltd

Raw Material Sourcing

Sourcing food material globally according to individual market’s demand.
Pioneer in new products by continuous exploration and development of new products. We have over 30 years of experience in frozen food sourcing and trading.


Process food products at the utmost quality,
striving to exceed market expectations.


Expedite food products to customers in a timely manner,
providing a B2B one stop frozen food solution. We are expertise in Frozen Food Import and Wholesales Distribution.

Facts and Data

``Food is Essential to life, therefore make it good.” ― S. Truett Cathy

130,000,000 tonnes of fish products supplied annually
33,100 Species of fish
19,000 US millions imported into China yearly.
370,000,000 tonnes of non aquatic meat products are produced annually

100% Dedicated and responsive

We fully dedicate in matching the needs of our clients and supplier, and ommunication is the key to our success.


Synthesizing our supply chain with eco-friendly, provide products that is sustainable for the future.


Our products is tailored to the market demand and needs.

Quality Assurance Service

Buying and sourcing with quality control and inspections services.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Ranging from frozen to dry, canned and prepacked, our product range seamlessly matches the vast market demand.


We explore and innovate new products to create new synergies in the market and pioneer market supple and demand.

Who we are

Hong Tat Foods and Trading

Global sourcing and supplying network

30+ years of history

Industry pioneer


Global network

International food sourcing sourcing/distribution coverage:

Our Products

Food products ranges from frozen, IWP, dried, packed, canned and etc:

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